Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, how time flies!

Can it really be so close to October? Really?? This year has just flown by. I know it seems like it has in years past too, but for some reason this one seems unusually faster.
I was watching my kids play the other day, they were just walking by the lake, and I had that tug at my heart that we parents get sometimes when you notice that they have changed. They look a little bit older today. I love my kids with all my heart! Can’t they be these ages for just a couple of years? Why does childhood have to go by so fast!?!

I took the kids to the park for our last picnic of the year. Jenaya discovered crawdads in the stream….remember those? She has been in love with them ever since! She caught one of the smallest, teeny-weeny baby ones I think I’ve ever seen before.

I remember loving to catch them as a kid in our irrigation stream when dad would water the lawn, or ‘fish’ for them out of the ditch in the apple orchard. My siblings and I use to fry ‘em up in butter and eat them. I remember them being real tasty (we would just eat the tails). I remember one evening my mom calling us kids to come see the BIGGEST crawdad that dad found out on the lawn. Yeah, mom and dad decided to play a little trick on us kids and went down to the super market and bought a lobster! We couldn’t believe our eyes! It took us a little bit to notice the rubber bands on his claws (come on … it was almost dark!) He sure made a yummy dinner that night!! Ahhh, what great memories : )



Oh I remember the big crawdad! We had the neighborhood record and no one ever bet that big one! ;)
Your kids are so grown up!


I meant beat.


I LOVE that last picture of Jenaya (I like all the pictures), but she looks so grown up and beautiful! Great pics as usual Trish!


Ah, I feel your pain. I look at my kids and can't remember where the years went. Very nice pictures of your kids and the picnic basket, lol.

Audrie Flack

Your such a good momma!! I need to grow some patience before I attempt a picnic with Connor!