Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cousins and Anniversary

I’m adding some more from our trip last month. I have to do these in stages or else I know it won’t ever get done ; )

Jenaya and her cousin Sariah played soo great together. They are seriously like two peas in a pod! Sariah is Jenaya’s only girl cousin her age (on both sides) and since they live so far away from each other they really haven’t had a chance to get-to-know each each other very well. Sariah was able to stay with us for a few days at grandma & grandpas house. Then we brought her home to Logan. I keep telling Josh that Jenaya has met her match! I wish these two could live closer. They played soooo great together and loved to play with the same stuff. Which I know was a treat for Jenaya since she has never had a “girl” friend who likes to play with snakes, bugs and mud! I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of them holding hands. It was so cute!! They would hold hands and skip down the drive.


Here’s a couple of pictures of grandpa taking them fishing with his net ; ) down at the “blue hole” in the river. It was cold and those girls were walking in that water like nothing!



This is my oldest brother Troy (he’s also Sariah’s daddy). I have never seen him with facial hair before. It reminds of the first time I saw my dad with a mustache.

(not the best picture but they were so cute sleeping together)

After a couple of days at my parents house we headed down to Logan where my sister Cherise and family watched our kids so Josh and I could go celebrate our 9th anniversary for a couple of days. It was so nice to spend some time together without the kiddos. We really haven’t been all that good at going on regular dates with each other (probable only one or two a year) so it was such a treat to spend alone time together. The kids did great while we were gone too! That’s always a plus, since parents always fear the worst! Lanessa actually pushed me and said “go, go” to shoe me away when I went to tell her goodbye!

We stayed at the Anniversary Inn, in Logan UT. It was sooo cool all the rooms are theme rooms. Here are the two we got to stay in

First room we stayed in was Rich’s Drive-in. You can see it here The second room was The Taj Majal here We got such a great deal on these rooms too. We actually paid less for both rooms than what’s listed for one! Score!! I would highly recommend staying here…they treat you so great!

I'm so grateful for Josh. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for. He is so patient with me and the kids. He works hard to provide for our family. He is very family oriented (which I love!). I don't know what I would do without him. He is my rock.
Honey, thank you for all that you do....I know that sounds insufficient but I truly mean it : )

Love you!

Oh, I also got a new hairdo while we were gone. I love it, even though the girl didn’t cut it right ; )




CUTE HAIR!!!! Love the pic of Troy he looks so different. The hotel is something I keep thinking that I want to do with Jerome someday.


Love the new do!


I love your new haircut!! And that is a GREAT picture of Josh. How did you convince him to take a picture with out making a face?


Shantel, Troy does look sooo different with facial hair huh?

Nat, that pic of Josh was so spur of the moment one morning (I think he was still half asleep still). I don’t think he really wanted his pic taken but I was trying something out and asked him to look over and snapped it really quick. I’m really glad it turned out because it’s my favorite of him.


That is so sweet Trish. I have only met Josh once but I really liked him and I could see how much you two love each other and your little family. I am so glad you are happy.

P.S. I really like your hair short. I actually cut 8 count it 8 inches off of my hair about a month ago. That is so funny that we did it at the same time.


That’s funny that we cut our hair about the same time Leah. Except, I had 9 inches cut off so there! J/K. I was really hoping I had enough to donate but it was one inch off. I couldn’t stand to let it grow anymore. It had to come off! I wanted more of an A-line and shorter in the back but I’m going to have my girl here fix it up for me….then I will be a happy camper!


What can I say........Great minds think alike!


What a fun anniversary! We've stayed there before too and it was really neat!

LOVE your new do! That is actually what I was looking for to show my stylist, so thanks ;)

Your blog is so cute too, what a great photographer you are!


O My Goodness Trish!! I LOVE your hair!!! :) :) :) It looks really good! Love you guys so much!