Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lost Tooth & Tooth Fairy

Jenaya FINALY lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve eve. She has wanted a loose tooth for quite some time now….getting jealous if one of her friends was fortunate to loose one, and if they were younger, well then…how dare they! She would keep checking to see if any were loose. She would ask us when it was going to happen….we were no help : )
Then it was almost like she had completely forgot the whole idea until one night (about a month before she actually lost it) she came and showed me what she had discovered while she was brushing. She had not one, but two new teeth behind her two front bottom teeth. And they were already grown about half way in!! She was very excited. I was concerned. I couldn’t tell if the two baby teeth were loose or not (I didn’t think they were) but when Josh was able to check the next day he said they wiggled a bit for him. So we wiggled and played with them over a time to try and get them out, they weren’t budgin’. It was hard trying to get a grip on them with the permanent teeth right behind. I made her a dentist appt. to have the dentist look at them. He said “keep working on them, they’ll come out on there own". Sure enough the next day Jenaya was playing with our hippity hop and it bounced back into her face and knocked her tooth right out! She was sooo excited to show me her tooth. I was so glad it finally came out on its own because she wouldn’t let me touch it anymore (I made it sore by trying to pull it…it was so close too darn-it). I took these pictures right before she went to bed and before the tooth fairy took it forever to her magical fairy land. Wherever that is. : )

I was woken up the next day by a squealing little girl that was sooo excited the tooth fairy really had come and left her a whole dollar!! I guess the inflation has gone up with the tooth fairy too, because Josh and I use to get a quarter! : )




Awww, now there’s an angle showing one of those new teeth!!


**Sorry for the poor picture quality**



Yay for Jenaya!

You are so tuff!

Love you all!

Kim N

That same thing happened to Luca and the dentist told us to try for a month to pull them and if they weren't out he would pull them. They didn't come out and the permanent teeth in the back were about level with the baby teeth by the time he pulled them. That was last year...just last month we discovered the permanent teeth were coming in just to the sides of the teeth that were pulled last year so we took her in and the dentist pulled those out too.

It is sure exciting for the kids to lose their teeth!


Way to go! That is so cool, Is that her first tooth fairy visit?

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Shantel, yes this was her first tooth fairy experience. Since this happened right before Christmas, she was all “if I put it under my pillow Christmas Eve, then Santa will have to bring me more toys!”
Yeah, I’m not sure why she thought that....but it was cute ; )

Jodie Greck Photography

oh wow how precious.. what precious memeries. gorgeous