Friday, April 25, 2008


Share three of the fallowing:
3 joys
3 fears
3 goals
3 random surprising facts
3 current obsessions/collections

My joys are:
1. My family & Friends (I guess this technically makes 4)
2. My religion
3. My hobbies

1. My most recent fear is the Brown Recluse spider. A friend sent me an email that showed a picture of a guy’s hand that was bitten. YIKES! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately with all the spring cleaning. FYI I don’t do so well with gory pictures. Don’t show me!
2. Something horrible happing to a loved one
3. Getting really, really, really, Fat I guess.

1. Survive Ben & Nessa’s terrible two’s x 2!!
2. To go back to school someday
3. To get back in shape. Not sure if I’ve ever been in shape, but it sounds good

Random surprising facts:
1. I sleep with my socks on
2. I rinse every load in my washer twice
3. I watch “The Hills” on TV. I’m really not sure why I like it so much, guess I’m living my single life through Lauren Conrad’s.

Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. I collect the porcelain "Grow with me" age dolls from Hallmark for my girls. Blame Josh’s grandma for starting the whole thing, she bought the first 2 for Jenaya.
2. Photography. But that’s not new
3. I have always had a thing for containers. I love things that hold “stuff” from purses & bags too anything that can organize anything! I guess that explains why I love the Container Store so much. I have to say that part of this obsession is almost always changing my “system” I’d be embarrassed to say how many different types of organizing containers I’ve gone through for scrapbooking over the years. Need any ideas? I have several favorites.
Since I’m on the subject, here is a picture of a new purse/bag I just had to get so I had something to carry my keys, pencil & notebook, water bottle & talk’s agenda-outline-thingy to bring to Women’s Conference & hold all my “stuff” for me, you know? Here's the bag I bought. You can get one here from Karlee Fuchs at her Etsy shop.

Sooo cute, huh?

I tag: Shantel, Leah, Audrie, Kim, Brit, Dacia
and anyone else who wants to do this.



Cute bag! You'll look so good toting it around at Women's Conference. I too hate spiders, but can't seem to get away from them. They're always showing up. I try not to think about them, 'cause once I start I can't stop worrying about them.