Friday, April 4, 2008

Just a couple of funnies.

Jenaya said something really funny yesterday morning while I was doing her hair for school. We were in the bathroom and there was this big fly flying around in there she was a little scared of it and said:
What do flies do to us?
Mom: nothing. Just bug us.
Jenaya: They bug us so will watch their tricks?
Mom (laughing): something like that.

Okay, I have to tell you what Lanessa said the other day. I was telling her to be careful so she wouldn’t fall and she says: Be careful? Don’t fall break a cheek? As she points to her cheek. It was just so funny that she said cheek and not like an arm or leg.



Those are cute. I must say that I wish I would write down everything that my girls have said that was funny. But with Kailey I could write a book.She once started balling at the dinner table when she was about 3. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that she was upset because her carrots didn't speak spanish. My life would be full of a lot less laughter if it were not for her.

Henke Family

Kids say the funniest things don't they! It makes me wonder about the little things that are buzzing around in their little heads.


I love to hear the cute things kids say. They come up with some funny ones. I wish I'd written down all the things my kids said over the years! When you get old you forget who said what.