Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun in the SUN

Just some fun pictures of the kids enjoying this nice spring weather at Brookside Park. I have to admit I’m one of those people whose mood changes with the weather. I’m so happy it’s been warmer and the kids can go outside and play more. They have been so cooped up this winter. I’ve caught the spring cleaning bug BAD. I’ve been going through all the rooms in our house organizing and getting things ready for another yard sale. I’ve also been selling on eBay like crazy! Feels good to simplify.



I'm so jealous of the great weather you're having!


Just for your information it snowed two inches on Thursday and today its cold enough to snow again!
Did they add new toys to brookside? It doesn't look like the wood part or the kids one across from it.

Henke Family

Hey there! I love the pictures! This warm weather has been great hasn't it!


Poor Shantel & Dacia stuck with the cold weather in ID. Sorry not trying to rub-it-in or anything ; )

Shanny, they did add new toys at brookside park by the skating side. This was our first time checking them out.

Aaron and Kassie and Boys

Trisha, I thought that you might like to know that there is a group of moms that get together of Wednesdays a 10:30 or 11:00 we have lunch and let the kids play. Maybe we will see you then, and tell anyone else that you think might want to come.

Aaron and Kassie and Boys

sorry the park is brookside!!!


trish, i can't believe we live so close, and yet we never see each other. i can't believe how big the twins are! we really should get together sometime! (before you up and move with dacia and shantel to the cold snowy idaho, and leave the warm weather behind.


Thanks Kassie, that sounds like fun!


Brit, I know. We want to have you guys over, it’s been a really long time. Sometimes it seems as if we live a state away and not just a town. I guess we just get busy with our own little worlds :(