Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween was fun (as always) this year. Our church trunk or treat was last Wednesday…yes this was also the same day we had a winter storm! Can you say cccold! We still braved it though ; ) Josh wasn’t able to go with us, he went to ABQ to take the Idaho state test. He passed!! YAY!! Now he can be licensed in ID which when we move up there will be quite handy ; )

Daddy was able to take the kiddos around the neighborhood on Halloween Day to trick or treat, so he didn’t miss all the fun!! I stayed and braved the insane on slot of tricker treaters we get here. I really like handing out candy but probably not as much as Jenaya does! She has loved this part better than getting the candy herself for years : ) Life could be worse.

Ben and Lanessa had there Pre-School Halloween parade and class party on Friday. They were both so excited to wear their costumes to school.

Meet Benny the Dinosaur….

Then there’s Lanessa as Snow White…..

And Jenaya as the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

(She only wanted to wear her veil and wig for pics, but that’s okay)

Lanessa's Class picture.

Ben's Class picture.

I hope you all had a great Halloween this year too!!!