Monday, December 8, 2008

Sutherland Farm…..

We went one Saturday in Oct. My brother Heber and his family were able to meet us there. We had so much fun! The kid’s favorite part is the huge corn pit to play in.

Okay, so I know that this post is late but I do want to publish my blog into a book at the end of the year and it just won’t be complete without pictures to the pumpkin patch!



If you have had your blog printed into a book maybe you could help me out by giving suggestions of sites you like to use? Or any tips maybe?? Thanks…



Hi Trish! I will forever remember you as the first person to leave a comment on my blog. Thank you!!

I think Sheye has mentioned a few sites for blog books on her blog or on the workshop. I'll try to find her recommendations and let you know.

Great blog!


Me again! It was Blurb that Sheye used (her blog book is featured on the site!). Check it out:


Thanks Karen for the site info : ) Oh, that is so thrilling to see Sheye featured on there!! It shouldn’t surprise me though, she is so amazing!

Jodie Greck Photography

hi Tish, this looks like soo much fubn aww and that donkey how cute '-) thanks for leaving such lovley commentx on my blog muichly apprecieated

cheers Jodie

I look forward in stalking your blog heheeheh


You have a beautiful family! I had to say "hi", I live in the 505 too and our kids are about the same ages. So, from one ABQ mommy blogger to another, hello!


Hi Trisha! Do you remember me from Aztec? Toni (Utton) now Nelson! How are you? Once I found one old friends blog, it was cool to connect to everyone else from Aztec. Anyways, just wanted to say hello! You take amazing photos too! Cute blog!

Here's mine too if you're interested:


Thanks for your comment! Yeap, ABQ native. Actually grew up in the east mountains (cedar crest) but close enough.

My son was born at 38 weeks but had under developed lungs. We don't know if it is because he was entangled in his cord, it was wrapped around his neck, chest, and feet. Or because I had pre-eclampsia which can cause less blood flow to the placenta, I was on bed rest from 34-38 weeks. Anyway he spent a week in the NICU but came home on oxygen and had to stay on it for 5 weeks, so we had to do the synagis shots and he was diagnosed with asthma at 4 mths. 34 weeks is rough! My best friends twins where born at that point and spent a month in the nicu. Asthma consumes a lot right now for us, Alorah's has been crazy out of control. Anyway, stop by any time! I love to connect with the locals :) and I have never been to Farmington, at least not more then to stop through.


Hey Trish! Can I just say that it doesn't get much cuter than you and your family?! I'm sitting here just wishing that I could be so darn cute! :)