Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Holdup

Okay, so the holdup on posting about my trip is due to the fact that I started reading the Twilight series books and just couldn’t put them down. If you’re a Twilight fan…and I haven’t meet anyone who isn’t ; ) then you’ll understand the obsession of not being able to put the dang books down! I devoured all 4 of them in 10 days!! Yes, yes, I know.
I’m not really an avid book reader either. Nor, do I consider myself a fast reader (I really thought it was going to take a good month to get through one. Haha). But, there was just something about these books….maybe it was due to the fact that I have never really read anything mythical before. Not even the infamous Harry Potter enticed me to want to read them or see more than the first movie. I don’t know, just not my cup of tea I guess. But I did really LOVE the Twilight series. Such fun characters and story plot. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love. It had all the ingredients for a great book. Stephenie Meyer is a genius. Now of course it has its flaws and it had some parts that disturbed me but I tried to keep in the frame of mind that it was fictional and mythical at that. My main concern is that I personally feel she went out of the realm of acceptable in regards to the intimacy content since these were being targeted for adolescents. I mean, come on, don’t teenagers have enough raging hormones as it is? Now, with that off my chest…..I’m really looking forward to the release of the Twilight movie on Nov 21 in theaters. I just hope it’s not too scary because I don’t do really well in scary movies…I know, I know, I already read the books. It’s just, you know the ol’ saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” yeah, that would be why. So I definitely would recommend you reading them, just not your hormonal teenager. ; )




You gave into those books too huh! I've yet to read them.


i loved the series, excluding the
4th book. my least favorite, for the same reasons you gave for these not being the best books for adolescents. did she really need to go quite that far? but i agree stephenie is a genius. dacia, i was also skeptical to read these books because EVERYONE is so gaga over them. i promise you wouldn't be disappointed if you decide to give in.


You might be. Meet one of the people that didn't like them. No offense to people that love them, but after Forcing myself to read the second, I quit and decided to spend my time reading things i'd actually enjoy.


I told you you'd love them! And I thought I was obsessed reading all four in 3 weeks....Dont you have kids and a husband to take care of! hahaha, I totally understand though, they are impossible to put down. I am so glad you liked them!


I loved the whole series, and had to read them again before the fourth book came out! You'll have to watch the new preview on the bottom of my blog. I laughed when I first heard of them, but then I borrowed them from my niece no less when Phil and I went to Hawaii and he was mad that I spent so much time reading least we were on the beach!


Ok, Trish, I am a reader. I LOVE to read, especially Sci-fi, fantasy type books. I held out on the Twilight books for a long time cause I was sick to death of hearing the people at work obsess over them. Then one day I was bored out of my mind at work and Amandah (curse her) told me to read them. I admit I read them all in a weekend. My thing is that it was nice to see her evolve as an author; 4th book definately better than the 1st. I obviously liked them as I read them so quickly, but I think the thing that made the books was the character of Edward, without him they would not be great. The thing I disliked about them was that they were good enough to capture my attention (and when my attention is captured you've lost me for hours to days at a time) but they were not the page turners I've read before and I was disappointed in the end. Next time if I am going to spend my weekend reading a series it better be more worth it.
There you have my two cents worth, whether you wanted it or not :)

The Waite Family

Hey did you read the midnight sun on her web site? oh my you have too if you haven'y al ready it is the twin to twilight and all of edwards thoughts!!! call me and we can discuss!!!

Henke Family

Hi Trish!
My sister liked the books too. I haven't read them. But, I've heard a lot about them! Right now, I'm reading The Making of America, I know, some may think I'm pretty boring but hey, I LOVE history!
It's been a while since I have lost myself in a good novel. I think I am probably due for a good novel soon though. :)
by the way, how was your trip to CA?


Believe it or not this Grandma liked the books, too, except for the fact that I knew my teen age grand daughters were reading them. I felt they were captured with the first book of the series when it wasn't quite as hormonal and I was disappointed that she seemed to forget that most of her fans are young teen age girls. Most of the young girls in our ward were into the books and can hardly wait for the movie. I hope the movie is presented well.


Dacia & Boston give in, give in! lol. Or at least read Twilight before the movie comes out. : )

Sarah, you should’ve at least held out for the third, it was my favorite ; ). But I understand though, why keep reading something that doesn’t float your boat.

Leah, Leah, Leah, what am I going to do with you? You read all 4 of them and you still didn’t think they FREAKIN rock!! What’s wrong with you? J/k I still love you!

Sami, I had originally bought Twilight to read on my trip (plane layovers and such) but a friend advised me that a trip was not the best time to start reading them since they were so hard to put down. I’m so glad I listened to her otherwise I might have missed a fight.

Rachel Clare

I hope you don't mind- I found your blog linked from someone else's and have scrolled through some of your posts. Your kids are so cute and it's fun to catch up on what you guys are doing! I hope it's okay if I peek in every now and then!
Rachel (Rhien) Tucker

Kim N

I really enjoyed the books too, but felt the same about the intimacy in the book. Just not real appropriate for some of the younger teen fans. I am looking forward to girls night out when the movie comes out!


Rach, of course I don’t mind ; ) We tried to view your family blog but it looks like you guys are private. We’d love to be able to keep up with your news too : )