Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well, I won’t be posting on here for a little while because I’m going on a little trip next week with some of my sisters. We are going to California to attend the “Price is Right” I’m totally excited and I hope at LEAST one of us gets called up… I mean (on down) to the stage ; ) I wish my two younger sisters could come too, but you have to be at least 18 to attend. We plan on going to the beach and walking down the Hollywood walk of fame and a few other things like… shopping of course ; ) I’m so excited, I can hardly wait to go. I’ve never been able to do anything like this before with my sisters. So it will be such a treat. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.

Just a couple of recent pics.

Here’s Jenaya looking pretty for the camera.


Lanessa girl


Benny boy


I took this one of my friend’s beautiful daughter while we were at a birthday party yesterday at the park.




Have so much fun! Sister trips are great!


Hey, you are living Candice's dream! She loved "The Price is Right" when we were growing up. Everytime they would call people down she would yell "Candice Maudsley come on down" then she would run screaming from the couch and sit right in front of the TV. She would then proceed to sit and yell "one dollar, one dollar". Ahh, Candice. What a crazy chick. I hope that one of you gets to go. Have a ton of fun with your sisters. Take lots of pictures.


Holy Cow! I hope they tell you to COME ON DOWN, Trish! That would be so exciting! Either way, it will be exciting. But come on, how fun would it be to play PLINKO???? Woooohoooo! Be safe and have a great time!!!!


Wow, I cant believe you are going to the Price is Right. Thats awesome! I hope you have a great time. Happy late birthday dear sister! Hope it was awesome. By the way, I finished the Twilight series and it was amazing. Definately worth reading. I highly recommend them!


Oh my gosh we had so much fun!!!!

Natalie, I got your card that was very thoughtful of you : ) Thanks!
I stared reading the Twilight series on Sunday and I can’t put them down.
My poor house and kids are suffering… Heehee… it’s worth it. Because I’m one happy mummy!!


Love the pictures! That trip sounds like a fun one even if you didn't happen to make it as a contestant .. waiting to hear about that! I love your blog and try to keep up on it but don't always take the time to comment so I can keep up on everyone's! Love you
Aunt Edna