Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swim Lessons

The kids finished up two weeks of swim lessons the day before we left for the reunion. Guess I should have posted this before the reunion post, oh well. Jenaya is our little fish, and is swimming pretty good now (short distances). It was Ben & Lanessa’s first time for swim lessons. They really enjoyed it. Well, most the time anyways, they did have a rough day or two thrown in there. They ask me pretty much everyday since if they are going to swim lesson today. Jenaya also finished a day camp that her OT held that week. She did miss the last day due to needing to travel to Utah. Isn’t summertime fun and sooo BUSY! I can’t believe how fast it is flying by. School starts in a week and a half. Crazy.

Jenaya's teacher Danny.

Waiting for their lessons to start.

Ben's teacher Brooke.

Lanessa's teacher Ali.


Henke Family

looks like fun!


I just really cant get over what stinken cute kids you and Josh produced. I think they might be the cutest in the family....dont tell dad.....or mel or Jen for that matter.

The Silvas

Wow, looks like you guys have had a great summer! I had to catch up on your latest posts! I love the pictures of your trip - my hubby and I visited Arches last year, it's very cool! I wanted to be able to hike more too, but we'll go another time! Fun stuff!


Looks like fun! I really wanted to put my kids into lessons this summer, but there was just no time! Were they scared at all? How were the lessons?


Britney, Jenaya wasn’t scared at all, but she LOVES water. She also had lessons last year, so that also helped. Ben & Lanessa each had a “bad” day or two, mainly because the water was sooo cold and they didn’t like waiting for their turn. They though they should get all the attention from their teachers…. Humm imagine that!! But overall they really did love it. You could get your kids in at the Aquatic Center, They do lessons all year and it’s pretty reasonable at $35 for a month.