Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Trip

Last Saturday, we were able to attend a reunion with a bunch of friends we made while living in Albuquerque. It was so much fun. Most of our friends we haven’t seen in 3 years. We meet at the Jackman's (Matt's parents' house) in Orem Utah. It’s funny because none of us there actually live in ABQ anymore. We all meet while our husbands were in school and had such a great group of friends. Us girls really became close by leaning & supporting each other through those tuff school years. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Love you guy’s!!

Our husbands and kiddos were there too. This is just a picture of us girls. I wish everyone could have made it.

A fun waterslide the kids had so much fun playing on.

This is the cutest playhouse that Grandpa Jackman is in the middle of building for his grandkids. Isn’t it so adorable?? I told Josh I was taking pictures so he could build our girls one some day ; ) This is where Jenaya played the entire time we were there. She LOVED it!

For such a short trip we sure packed in a lot of fun! We traveled up on friday. I meet up with some friends for a girls night out that night. Saturday was our friend’s reunion. It also was my sister Krista’s b-day so a couple of my sisters and I took her out for a fun girls night out that evening (Josh, you’re such a sweetie letting me go out two nights in a row! Love you ; ). On Sunday we went down to Delta to visit my Grandma. Then on to Green River to spend the night.

Monday, we woke up and went to Arches National Park outside of Moab. It was so cool to see all the different rock formations.

We decided that we'll need to go again when Ben & Lanessa are a little older so we can do more hikes; and when it’s not over 100 degrees outside. Benny lost his footing and rolled a couple of times, about here where Jenaya is in this picture. I know he must have had his guardian angels looking out for him that day because it definitely could’ve ended up fatal. I was scared to death!! (It’s a lot steeper than it looks in the picture and it keeps going down)

We also visited Mesa Verde National Park on the way home. It’s in between Cortez & Durando Co. It was sure a sight to see. Josh & I both had only been once before when we were little, so to see it again as an adult was simply amazing. I can’t believe that people actually lived that way and survived! I asked one of the Rangers what their water source was and he said it was just what seeped through the rocks and probably was enough to cook with and maybe have one cup a day. That blows my mind. I’m such a HUGE water drinker I don’t know how they survived on one cup a day!!

Ben & Daddy (with scary eyes) down inside a Kiva.

We had fun, but it’s good to be HOME.



That looks like soooo much fun. I just want you to know that I am highly offended that you did not stop to see me.........cry. Don't you know that you are supposed to plan everything around seeing me? I guess that it is up to me now. Which means that it probably will never happen because I can't seem to accomplish much of anything lately. So we will have to just dream. Anyway, happy that you got to go on a vacation.


trish, you and josh make beautiful kids. eveytime i look at your blog i think they are so beautiful and photogenic.

The PiƱon Family

It looks like fun! But for some reason I thought that the Jackman's were living in Texas!

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Leah, I know. I felt really bad that we couldn’t see you : ( If we had one more day we could’ve stopped by Manti to say hi.

Becca, Amy and Matt are living in TX. We actually meet at Matt’s parents' house in Orem. Sorry for the confusion : )


Trish I talked to grandma and she was sooo excited to see you guys! She said "You'll never guess who came to see me!" I was like "Umm Aunt Claudia?" "NO! Trisha and Josh!" Grandma LOVED it!


I'm so sad I missed the reunion! It looks like so much fun!

Your kids are adorable. Lanessa's curls are to die for!


Wow! Busy busy. That is so cool that you got to get together like that! That play house is amazing! I could live in it!