Friday, July 11, 2008


We’re having a garage sale this Saturday. Just thought I’d give a heads-up if you’re out garage shopping come stop by! I’ve had few friends stop by early to get some goods, but there’s still a lot of really great items left. I’m selling 2 Greco Pack “N” Plays. They’re both in excellent condition (know anyone who needs one? Send ‘em on down). Lot’s of really nice toys, clothes, storage containers, train table w/ trundles. It’s our final “purge" before we list our house.



I'm SO looking for a pack n play!!! How much are u selling them for??? I gave ours away not realizing I still needed it! By the way, we wore the same shirts on the 4th of July!!


Katie, they are both the deluxe Greco pack n plays. So they have a few extra nice features. One is a navy/baby blue coloring with small bear print. The other one is brownish/neutral coloring. I was going start them at $50 and be willing to go down to $40. So if you’re interested I’d take $40 for one. If you want to come over today to look at them that would be fine. Just let me know.


Leah and Greg

Trish where are you moving too?


Leah, we're heading up to Idaho Falls area. Most of my family is up there now. Well, there and Utah. So I’m pretty excited about the move. We’re not sure exactly when though. It just kinda depends on when the house sells. Josh is committed to work here in Farmington until Nov. So I guess we’ll just see what happens.

The Piñon Family

How did the garage sale go?


Becca, the garage sale went really good. It was my first time doing one in the middle of summer when a ton of other ones are going on as well (the other two I’ve done since living here were both in the fall. They did great) I really didn’t think we did as good with this one until the end when we counted the money. We made around $850 which completely shocked us since the most expensive items were the two pack n plays at $50. They both went right away. The buyers didn’t even try to talk me down. It was a still of a deal though, they both were super nice. We didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, so we’ll be doing another one in about a month or so. It always amazes me how much a quarter or dollar adds up. Gotta love garage sell ‘n.


Trisha you are so well organized! I love your blog and all the pictures. By the way ... Ryan was in the top 4 on the music contest and is going to New York to do a concert with the other 3 and then there will be another week of voting for the top one. Thanks for your support! We are so excited for him!