Monday, May 5, 2008

Women's Conferences at BYU

I’m back from Women’s Conferences. My friend Audrie & I drove up to Provo on Wednesday. We stopped in Springville at my sister April’s house to say hi and happy B-day & to shop at Rod Works. Then we were off to the Quilted Bear. I had actually never been in there before. Audrie had pre-warned me to save up some money and that we needed to give ourselves “enough time there.” She wasn’t kidding! We ended up staying in there for 3 1/2 hours. It was seriously the CUTEST store ever! I got some really great items for my house. Then we were off to find some food. We were starving since we hadn’t eaten a meal in 8 hrs. Thursday & Friday we went to the BYU’S Women’s Conference from 9-5. This was my first time attending WC and I think I will have too attended every year from now on. The Sprit was so strong and the messages were so uplifting. I can’t even begin to tell you how great it was for me personally, but I want to share a couple of things out of some talks that I heard.

I learned from a couple of talks on Motherhood, "Cherish That Role That Is So Uniquely Yours: Parenting for Young Mothers." Some of the things taught were:

• Remember the things that matter most, and to have a sense of humor. Tell our children “Good try” and give encouragement often.
• Don’t wallow in our imperfections.
• Slow down & refocus.
• Remember that we are enough.
• Value motherhood, it’s the most important thing we can be doing, and this is the time to be with our children.
• Talents and hobbies are good but don’t let our purpose and outlook change.

One mother told of how she hated doing the never ending mounds of laundry, and would have rather been spending her time doing other things. Then she decided to change the way she was thinking and instead of having to fold their laundry, she was grateful to be able to serve those family members that couldn’t do it for themselves. She also challenged herself; Every time she folded a piece of laundry for a family member she would think of one way that person has blessed her life. She told of how the laundry became more pleasant, and she also became more grateful for her family.

Personally, I am always feeling bad that I don’t do more service outside my home. It just never occurred to me that doing things for my children is service. It has already changed my viewpoint since I’ve been home and back to doing the mounds of laundry.

I also wanted to share a thought from a talk by Elder & Sister Bateman, how we need to liken our homes to a Temple by bringing temple manners in the home. Such as; begin & end each day with prayer, to speak with soft voices, to be clean and organized & orderly. A house of order is a house of God. See Josh, this is why I’m a grouch if the house is a mess. There is a reason for the clean-freak in me!

April was able to meet us for the Friday meetings (barley, but that’s another story). It was so nice to spend the day with her.

We were so pleased to have President Monson be our concluding speaker on Friday.
I have never been in the same room as our Prophet before, & I will never forget the feeling of the sprit that filled the room of the Marriott Center when he entered the room. It was so strong and sweet. I know I was suppose to go to Women’s Conference, If not for any other reason but to have my testimony strengthened by feeling Pres. Monson’s strong sprit. We were also graced by the presence of Pres. Monson’s sweet wife and the entire board of the General Relief Society & Primary & Young Women’s Presidencies. Sheri Dew, Julie B. Beck, the President of BYU & also the Pres. of the Provo temple. Just to name a few. It was truly a memorable couple of days.

Well, we had a great time. We shopped until I heard Audrie say she was sick of shopping. (Never thought I would’ve heard that one. This is the girl who couldn’t stop talking about all the shopping we were going to get in while we were away from our hubby & kids.)

We ate at some great restaurants such as:

We took April out to eat at for her B-day.

We headed home Saturday after stopping back by Rod Works one last time. Thanks Audrie for a fun week and a great time. There was never a dull moment and I can’t believe how much we can talk & laugh!!!

Thanks girls, for making me look really tall!

Sorry for the longest post in blogging history : )


Kim N

Thank you for sharing that. What a fun girls weekend! I have never been to women's conference, but I hope I will get the chance some time. It sounds so uplifting and fulfilling.


Looks like fun. Glad you got to go. It sounds like it was a great uplifting time. Nothing like a weekend of no kids, shopping, and spiritual experiences!


how fun! i can't believe that you trisha the craftiest person i know has never been to the quilted bear! i'm glad you had such a great weekend. we should plan it sometime with all the abq girls. i would love to get together sometime, give me a call.


lol Brit! I think the reason I haven’t ever been is that whenever we go up there we’re always busy with whatever family thing is going on. That’s why we were so excited to have some free shopping time. It hurt part of me to buy someone else’s crafts because I usually like to do my own. But now with 3 kiddos finding the time is really hard. So I decided to give in and appreciate others hard work and creativity.


Kim & Dacia GO TO BED!!! You both are up way to late to be blogging : ) just kidding! I posted this around 1:00 AM myself.


It sounds great Trish! I have been waiting for your post on this for awhile!