Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tag.....7 weird or random facts about me.

I was tagged by Debra & now you get to know 7 weird or random facts
about me : ) So here goes….

1. Sometimes I think out loud and wonder…. did I really just say that?
2. I traveled England & Paris with my friend when we were 17 (what were our parents thinking?!?!)
3. I love getting pedicures. Do you want to go?
4. I’m lactose intolerant. I’m sure you wanted to know that one ; )
5. I’m a bit obsessed about keeping my van clean. I’ve found that by keeping windex, baby and antibacterial wipes (the packet sizes) inside the driver & passenger side doors helps cleanup everything. I also wash/vacuum it once a week.
6. I love “LOST” it’s the only TV show I watch (except for when I Netflix the “Hills”)
7. I don’t have a middle name…. well I guess my maiden name is now my middle name.

I tag: Rebecca, Boston, Brittany, Shantel, Kim, Kassie, Leah
Have fun ladies!

1. On your post, link back to the person who tagged you - that would be me, in this case.
2. Post your assignment on your blog - seven weird or random facts.
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