Monday, May 12, 2008

Richard's Graduation Invite.

I made my brothers graduation invites in Photoshop and had them professionally laser printed on a really nice glossy cardstock. They turned out pretty good. I’m still learning my way around Photoshop (there’s a lot to learn!) All the info is printed on the back.

I’m going to brag about my lil’ brother now. He is graduating Valedictorian of his class and is also receiving his Eagle Scout award. He will be the first boy in our family to receive one (out of my dad & other bros.) My other little brother Robert is real close to getting his too. We will be going up to help celebrate with the rest of the family this next week. This has been quite the year already for Richard. He had the honor of being a Paige for the Senator of Idaho for 5 weeks! Josh and I are so very proud of him!! WAY TO GO RICHARD!!



it looks very good trish, but who would expect anything but that from you. you are so talented at anything you try. did you take all his pic's too?

Henke Family

Good job Trish. It looks really great. I wish we could go to Idaho too.....:(
Oh well, we will just have to wait for our big vacation there this summer..:)
This house building business is almost over, and we will be free to live again!
Have a great time there and tell everyone we say "Hi"!



I did take his senior pictures back in NOV (hence his pink checks.) I'm also going to be taking all the pictures of the grads & their ceremony. I hope they turn out decent. I’ll post them when we get back.


Bossy, you guys should be getting yours any day now, their in the mail.

Kim N

Those look great! I didn't know you did photography. The last time I remember seeing Richard he was not much bigger than a toddler, but I still would have recognized him.