Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy, Busy Two Year Olds!

This is an update to some more mischief that went on that day. Josh later told me that they must have hit our laptop with something over and over again and managed to pop off 14 button keys. He was able to get most of them back on. I found a cut in Benny’s shirt when I went to wash it. They also got into the plant one more time before bed. (but not as bad) GEEZ!

So, I’ve had quite the morning today. I needed to shower so I thought maybe I’ll just put on a cartoon for the twins and give them their sippy cups while I hop in. BAD IDEA!! While I was blow-drying my hair Lanessa comes in crying that Benny cut her. WHAT? She had a cut in her brand new (tags removed that morning) shirt, one on her pants & a little scratch on her tummy.

I was off to find Benny. He was down stairs with multiple cuts on his pants and a huge smile on his face.

I think to myself, 'where did they get the scissors from?' I checked up in the family room and saw that they had gotten two chairs to get into my scrapbook cupboard. But I didn’t see “the” scissors. So I asked Benny to bring them to me. He had hid them in a drawer. So while I was putting Ben in timeout I hear Lanessa coughing. I turned to see her throw up chocolate milk on the carpet. Lovely. I’m so glad they didn’t get hurt or cut each others' hair, but I’m upset about their new clothes getting ruined. Benny had only worn those pants twice!

See, that is why I usually lock them in the girl’s room (we turned their nob/lock around so it's on the outside of the door) while I shower or put them in the tub across from my shower so I can see them and keep them contained. Now, you must know our house is VERY child proof. We have locks on everything. But it doesn’t seam to matter with these two. They will find away! We actually had to do away with the so-called “child proof door handle knobs” about a month ago because our two year olds knew how to grip n’ twist every single one. I’m not sure if they are baby geniuses or little devils.

Don't let these looks fool you!

(yes, Lanessa is taller)

So things seamed to calm down and I was able to get some house work done. I remembered an errand that we need to go do. I ran up the stairs to grab something in my room and was right back down and saw this HUGE mess:

They had pulled out my plant Jenaya gave me for Mother’s Day

and spread the dark wet soil all over the carpet! They went back to timeout while I tackled the not-so-fun job of cleaning up the mess. It wasn’t even 11:00 AM yet. When we got back from our errand, we had some lunch. I put on a little cartoon for them so I could cleanup after lunch. I called them down for diaper changes and their naps. That’s when Benny showed me his hand. He had MARKER on it. Oh no! Yep, they had climbed over the computer desk and found a permanent marker to color the room with. The reason I say “climbed over” is because Josh built about a 10 inch ledge around our computer to make it taller and more difficult for them to get into everything. He also added a little gate to close the opening to the “office area” (it also locks) .

Seriously, we need another room in our house for our office. Next house WILL have one.

There have been days when it’s been like this from when they wakeup until they go to bed. They can make one huge mess and while my attentions on cleaning it up, they are doing another. Yes, life is a bit crazy right now. Kids must have a sixth sence telling them when to be the most naughty because it always seams to be when you’re busy trying to get ready for something (like packing for a trip). Oh the life with twins...

And to think, we’re going to potty train when we get back.
PRAY for us!


Henke Family

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh out loud!...:)


Hey Trisha! Sounds like you had one of those day! I've had plenty myself. Oh well, it's just the life of a mother! Good luck!


They are so cute! I can't belive that they'd do anything wrong! I can sympathize with you. Sounds like you have quite the handfull!

Kim N

Oh my goodness you are a busy momma! It would be hard to be angry at those cute little faces though!


Oh man don't you just love those days??? And they seem to come so often! Sorry


Of course I remember you. Your kids are super cute! You've got to love blogging and the ability to connect to people from the past.


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